ACTplus Server Hosting Solutions

The business model for the new millennium is outsourcing. Outsourcing allows a company to avoid the major expenses associated with developing and maintaining areas of their business that fall outside their core competency. The typical access or content providers are concentrating on their core businesses, and have neither the ability nor the desire to spend the capital to develop the infrastructure to provide Class ”A”, Telco grade facilities with fire protection, D.C. clean power with backup, 24×7 technical management procedures, and more.

We are excited to offer a unique Web server co-location service that gives you complete control of your Internet applications.

  • No more pesky little restrictions on disk space, processing power, mailboxes, and domain names of a shared server. No need to rely anymore on your provider to configure exciting new features: when you need them, the way you need them.
  • Enjoy the freedom, power, scalability, administrative control, and security of a Web Server dedicated exclusively for your own Web site(s).