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(7/8/99, NUA Internet Surveys)

According to recent International Data Corporation (IDC) market research, the amount of commerce conducted over the Web will top $1 trillion by 2003. In 1998, the Gartner Group reported that in the United States alone, over two million small and mid-size businesses were attempting to conduct significant commerce on the Web.

In a study this summer of 50 leading eCommerce sites on the Web, Rubic Inc. found that businesses are losing customers and sales due to a lack of basic post-sales customer support. The study, “Evaluating the ‘Sticky’ Factor of eCommerce Sites,” determined that only 16 percent of the top sites had sent a follow-up email to customers who had made a purchase on their site within the last 30 days. More importantly, only 2 percent of those follow-up emails were personalized. The study concluded that eCommerce sites must concentrate on effective ongoing customer dialogue and personalization rather than relying on pricing to keep customers coming back.